Are you worried that your child isn't developing like other children? Has your child been diagnosed with a developmental delay or disability? You are not alone. We are here to help you find answers to your questions. Other parents and therapists are here with you.

UCP Takes a Close Look at Music Therapy

meditateonitInspired by a recent post by writer Ellen Seidman, on her blog, “Love That Max: Special Needs Blog,” UCP took an in-depth look at music therapy. Dr. Linda Lathroum and Ms. Meaghan Gasch, two board certified music therapists who work at UCP of Miami, took some time out to speak with us and answer some questions about the program. Topics discussed include ages children begin having music therapy sessions, the types of benefits that the therapy brings and whether or not sessions are covered by insurance companies. The entire conversation can be found on UCP’s Voices of UCP blog– click HERE to check it out!

Uplifting Video for Soon-to-be Mother

On March 21, 2014, people from around the world celebrated the 9th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day. Right before this marked day, Coor Down, a Down syndrome advocacy group in Italy, released an inspiring video in response to a touching letter from a soon-to-be mother. The mother, who discovered she would be having a child with Down syndrome, asked what kind of life her child will have– and it was a group of children with Down syndrome, along with their mothers, who gave her quite an answer. Click HERE to read more and see this touching video!

5 Things That Everyone Should Know About Autism

Many people do not know a whole lot about autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Writer Emmanuelle Assor, whose young son has autism, understands this and recently shared five things to help others understand ASDs. Click HERE to check it all out.