Are you worried that your child isn't developing like other children? Has your child been diagnosed with a developmental delay or disability? You are not alone. We are here to help you find answers to your questions. Other parents and therapists are here with you.

How Well Does Your State Serve People with Disabilities?

Case for Inclusion LogoUnited Cerebral Palsy (UCP) released the 2015 Case for Inclusion today, an annual report and interactive website used to track state-by-state community living standards for Americans with disabilities. All 50 States and the District of Columbia (DC) are ranked each on a set of key indicators, including how people with disabilities live and participate in their communities, if they are satisfied with their lives, and how easily the services and supports they need are accessed. Also, the report digs into two critical issues facing people with disabilities and their families: waiting lists for services and support and transitioning from high school into adult life in the community. Since 2006, these rankings have enabled families, advocates, the media and policymakers to measure each state’s progress or lack thereof with hard data to help bolster advocacy. READ MORE on the Voices of UCP blog or explore the data and download the report at cfi.ucp.org.

A Study on How Couples Cope with a Child’s Chronic Illness

Arizona State University logoA research study out of Arizona State University is seeking couples who have a biological child with a chronic illness to participate in the analysis of how they cope with any associated stress. Any couples interested can fill out a screening survey (5 minutes to complete) to ensure they meet requirements, followed by an online survey (2o minutes to complete) about stress, coping strategies and their relationship. All participants can be entered to win one of three $50 Visa gift cards! Couples interested can contact parentsdcresearch@gmail.com for more information. Please include both names and email addresses. IRB approval number: STUDY0002692

UCP Proud to be Apart of The Day 1 Campaign!

More than 3.2 million students identify as a victim of bullying each year, many of them children with disabilities. Bullying, harassment and humiliation leave physical and emotional scars — sometimes for life. UCP is proud to join the Tyler Clementi Foundation in an immediate and and free campaign to reduce bullying, harassment and humiliation. Join us for #Day1 and commit to being an Upstander. Being an Upstander means not participating in bullying, harassment or humiliation and working to stop it by intervening or reporting the abuse. Find out more at http://www.day1campaign.com/.