How to Use This Site

Getting started with My Child Without Limits

Welcome, and thank you for taking the first steps to Understand, Plan, and Act on your child’s future. My Child Without Limits looks to provide you, your loved one’s best advocate, with the knowledge, resources, and network to ensure their future is without limits. While this site can be used by many people in many different ways, we suggest starting here at the Understand Section


Learning more about your child’s disability is key to getting started. By reviewing this section, you can choose an article on a disability you would like to learn more about. Once selected, you will see many more categories outlining the most important aspects of the disability. You can choose to learn from start to finish or jump to an area of interest. Each section is printable, so you can also take the information with you.

Plan & Act

These sections work together to provide you information on supports and services. Plan focuses on expanding your knowledge of treatments and therapies, while Act give you information on looking towards the future and family life.


Bringing parents, caregivers, and professionals together is not an easy job. Even with all the information in the three major tabs, you still have questions and you still need support that only other parents can provide. Our community section is here to do just that. Go ahead and read what others are saying, then feel free to ask a question – My Child Without Limits won’t leave your question unanswered.

Resource Locator

You can use the resource locator to find supports and services in your area. Choose the resource you would like to find or simple choose all and enter your zip code. The resource locator will automatically pull up supports and services in your area. Our resource locator is updated annually so you know that the agencies are current.

Still looking for more help? Please use our contact us page to reach out to us.