It has been said that children do not come with a how to manual, no truer words have been said when it comes to parents of children with special needs. The act section looks to provide tips and tricks to make it a little easier to navigate through some of the tough parts.

Caregiver Notebook

Who better to know what the needs of your children are then parents just like yourself? With tips and tricks from parents you can learn what has worked and hasn’t in all areas of family life.

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Family Life

The challenges of providing care for children with special needs can be hard for any family. This section looks to provide articles on what you can be doing for yourself and how your family and friends can support you and your family.

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Life Planning

Early intervention is the first step in safeguarding your child’s future, but the challenges don’t stop there. Life planning can help you understand what resources are available as your child grows up.

Find out what supports and services are in your child’s future


In matters of education, access to public places, or access to public transportation, children with disabilities have the right to the same opportunities that are afforded to able-bodied children.

Find out how you can effectively speak up for the rights of your child and all children with disabilities

Home and Vehicle Modification

Make sure that your home is well adapted to your child’s needs. We’ll give you some important guidelines for making sure it’s done right and help you find ways to fund the work.

Find out how to improve your child’s environment