The Best Way To Get Your Point Across

Content provided by: UCP of New York City


When you are speaking to others about an issue concerning your child it may become difficult to get your point across. Follow these tips to communicate effectively.

Write down what you want to say beforehand

Having the main points on what you want to tell others will help you not get lost. Sometimes emotions get the best of us and we may forget what we wanted to say. Having something written down can help you keep on target.

Be short and clear

When speaking try and keep your statements as short as possible. This will help the listener hear all of what you are saying. Often times if you try and say too many things at once others will only focus on one thing, which may not be the point you want to make.

Stay on Topic

If you are communicating with someone for a specific reason try and stay on that topic. For example if you are at a hearing on Medicaid, it is not the best time to speak about your child’s Early Intervention Plan.

Use a calm voice and tone

It is not just what you say but how you say it. As angry and upset as you may be it is important to take a deep breath and calmly address the issue. If you feel yourself getting upset you can ask for a second, leave the room and take a deep breath.

Ask questions

If you don’t understand what is being said it is ok to ask questions. You can also ask for specific information if they are not being clear or ask the person to explain it in a different way.

Make sure others understand you

When speaking make sure the other person understands the point you are making. Ask them if you have made a clear point and if they need further information on the topic you are speaking about. Here is where an anecdote would fit in well.

Listen to others

So often times when others are talking we are trying to think of what we want to say. Don’t miss an opportunity to hear what the other person is saying, even if you don’t agree with them.