History of My Child Without Limits


My Child Without Limits was created in 2009 through a collaboration of parents, medical professionals and service providers with a common goal of providing important information to parents and caregivers. Several committees were created in the process where individuals gave their time and expertise to provide the information important to you. The three main committees consisted of:

Medical Advisory Committee

This committee wrote, reviewed, and provided comments for the medical content on this site. The content in the Understand section was provided by this committee.

Parent Advisory Committee

This committee played a vital role in all aspects of this site. Made up of parents and caregivers, this committee provided feedback, approval, and content for the site.

United Cerebral Palsy Advisory Board

This committee helped with the direction of the site as well as provided content for the Plan and Act sections of the site. The committee was made up of health professionals and parents dedicated to the field of disabilities.