Home Modification

Most early intervention services focus on preparing children with disabilities to develop the life skills they need in their daily environment. Sometimes this approach will not be enough to make a significant impact in the child’s life. In these cases, the greatest benefit will come as a result of changing the environment rather than focusing exclusively on treating the child. For a child who uses a wheelchair, a ramp leading up to the door of the house can represent the difference between being homebound and exploring the world. Read the sections below to find out what critical modifications can make your home and vehicle a better environment for your child.

Home Modification Guidelines

How wide does a doorway need to be in order for a wheelchair to comfortably roll through it? How high should a mailbox be to enable easy access? Read our tips for effective home modification!

Funding Home Modifications

Home modification can be an expensive proposition, but there are agencies that can help you out. Find out who they are.

Find Support

Do you have questions about making modifications to your home or vehicle?

Visit the My Child Without Limits support community and talk to parents, caregivers, and professionals about their experiences with changing homes and cars to better suit disabled children.


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