Physical Therapists

Who Provides Physical Therapy Treatments?

Pediatric physical therapists are specially trained health care professionals who diagnose and serve children with developmental, congenital, skeletal and neuromuscular diseases to help them reach their maximum potential for functional independence.

Physical therapists must earn a master’s degree or a doctoral degree in physical therapy (a DPT) from an accredited college program. Physical therapists also must pass a state-administered national exam to obtain their license to practice. Other requirements differ from state to state. You can find out more information about any other requirements for local physical therapists by contacting your state’s licensing board.

Where can I Find a Qualified Physical Therapist or Program?

To find a qualified physical therapist, contact the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) at or the APTA, Section on Pediatrics Your early intervention program, school, pediatrician or medical specialist can also recommend a physical therapist in your area.

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