Speech Therapy FAQ

How do I Know if my Child Needs Speech Therapy?

If your child’s disability is present at an early age, your health care team may recommend speech therapy as part of your child’s early intervention plan. There are also language developmental milestones that you can monitor to make sure your child is on track and talk to your doctor if you suspect any problems.

Will my Insurance Cover Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy may be covered as part of your child’s early intervention plan or as part of other education plans. Up to 50% of insurance plans do not cover speech therapy, it is critical that you should check directly with your insurance company to determine what your plans benefits are for speech therapy and if there is any “fine print” in the plan. For example, some plans only cover speech therapy for birth defect or brain injury and not for a developmental disability.

How Long Will my Child Need Speech Therapy?

The length of therapy depends on the severity of the problem and the rate of progress made in the therapy sessions and during reinforcement at home and in the community.

What if my Child Needs Assistive Technology?

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