Special Needs Planning

Caring for a child with a disability can often feel like being trapped in a labyrinth. Parents have to navigate the complex laws governing benefit eligibility, an alphabet soup of government agencies, insurance companies and a growing pile of paperwork documenting their child’s disability. Special needs planning allow parents find their way out of this maze and get their children the support they deserve.

Start your special needs planning by gaining a better understanding of each one of the topics below:

Federal Laws That Help Those with Special Needs

Are you concerned that your child won’t be able to get a quality education due to a disability? Is your child being excluded from an apartment building due to a disability? Find out about the laws that protect your child’s rights.

Guardianship 101

Are you the caregiver of a child with a disability? Find out how to make sure that your are recognized under the law as the caregiver of your child.

Power of Attorney 101

Find out how to make sure that the Are the right people legally empowered to make decisions on behalf of your family in times of duress or emergency? Find out how to assign power of attorney to those who need it.

Health Insurance

What’s the difference between Private Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid? Find out here.